When you were a kid, 

anything was possible.

Investing in entrepreneurs who still think that way.

An angel group 

with a rebel soul.

Vivaio Ventures is an angel group with a 2.0 approach. We looked at today's startup and funding ecosystem and came up with a plan to solve a systemic flaw. If you are an early stage investors or an entrepreneur think twice before getting you or your portfolio company VCs Money. There is a big problem, of which nobody talks about when a VC gets involved. Basically, your chance of success will actually decrease and you will have to wait 10 years plus to know it.

If you are an LP in a VC fund my suggestion is to go to LasVegas put all the money on red or black, have a good time and you will have better chances to make money than in your current VC fund, and even better you wont have to wait 10 plus years to know the result of your “investment”. 80% of VC firms globaly fail.

IoT, AR/MR, AI, Big Data, 

Machine Learning, Blockchain

Technology agnostic.

Our focus is on the future of business hospitality. Building smartest spaces for the best human experience.

"Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way."

Tom Freston

Our Ecosystem

Our awesome investors that provides the gasoline to push the ideas forward and innovate.

Our full service laboratory that support entrepreneurs in the implementation of their ideas.

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The network that provides the best environment to find the next generation of entrepreneurs and generate ideas.

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Our Process

We look for disruptive startup ideas in the hospitality industry and take them from 0 to launch and early M&As! 



We regularly organice events to find the best ideas and recruit top people.



Our team will help you define your idea and understand your customers through user research.





If your idea succeeds we'll provide funds, mentoring, coworking space and our team to build your first MVP.


Develop and Market

Work with our team to build a great MVP using the latest technology while getting your first customers.





Keep giving your customers what they want and build an amazing team to grow fast and move to the next funding stage.


Go early M&As

Create an exit strategy to reach your final goal - Mergers and Acquisitions - We'll be with you every step of the way.



We are based in Madrid and Boston.

A bridge that connects the old and the new world. 

A straight passage between Europe and USA to find and accelerate startups in a way that is never been done before.

What are you waiting for?

Are you going to Las Vegas or are you investing with us? :)

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